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Basque country {France and Spain}

In an effort to stay ONE year ahead of my European travels, I think I'll slide right on in with this last trip post about our travels to southern France/Northern Spain last May! It was one of our last trips and we went with some friends of ours, which was extra fun (but minus the hubs = less fun). He would have especially loved this trip bc the Basque region of Spain (San Sebastian) is a foodie's paradise! We even took a tapas tour where we sampled loads of Basque specialties. My foodie girl was in heaven for sure!

Here's a map of our itenerary. Since we started in one country (Biarritz, France) and ended in another (Bilbao, Spain), renting a car was crazy expensive. So we trained and bussed this trip and it turned out ok in the end. Biarritz is a lovely little resort town than any Frenchman will wax poetic about. We just thought it was ok. Granted, it was chilly and grey, a public holiday AND we were traveling with kiddos.. but I think San Sebastian has my vote for the best beach spot in the area. I'll let you be the judge I guess!

For my geographically challenged readers, here's the a visual :)
And a little zoomed in for you:

Biarritz, France:
I'm sure a little warmth and sun would have helped our opinion of Biarritz, but we were happy to head south to San Sebastian, Spain. We took a great walking tour in which we learned a lot about the Basque region and people and then sampled the best part of the culture: the food!
we took a cable car up to the top of the mountain and got to take in the gorgeous views..
the tapas...
We ended our tour in Bilbao, Spain, which boasts the Guggenheim. I'm a sucker for fantastic architecture and I totally geeked out and loved every angle and view of this fantastic building. The museum was pretty good for kids too, actually, and had a great playground and ice cream galore. Score!

so there you have it! I do hope you make it to this side of the globe one day. If so, please go when the sun is shining and make sure and wear stretchy pants :)
Thanks for reading and check back for adventures from a new continent coming next: Asia!


Ibiza via iPhone

remember when I was waxing poetic last month about a certain 19th wedding anniversary?
What I failed to mention was that it was a "pre-recorded message" that I'd prepared to pop up on Aug 6th, as I actually lay on the beach in Ibiza with my hot date.. the Mrs, not the Mr :) Turns out the Mr was out of vacation, and the offspring were at camp, so I grabbed one of my expat besties and headed to the beach for a couple of days (one of those days just happened to be our anniversary!) Of course he was a good sport and told me to go for it. (I told you he's a keeper!) and we promised to do something fabulous for our 20th next summer. So check back in 11 months for that celebration! 

One gift I decided to give myself on this trip was leaving my camera in the room and snapping just a few with my iphone. it really is freeing for me NOT to be lugging that puppy around wherever I go and it contributed to the relaxation of the trip. We parked ourselves on the beach for 2 days strait, ordered way too many sangrias, slept in late, soaked in the spanish sun and giggled at how many topless sunbathers that surrounded us :) We did manage to take a great hike, have a fantastic paella dinner and walk the old town at sunset. A great anniversary indeed! Thanks to my "mr" and "mrs" for making it such a memorable one. love you both!!


3 friends from 3 continents {Madrid edition}

 I have a fun trip to share with you that involved some of my deep South girlfriends meeting up in the deep South of Europe in May. Europe, Asia and North America were represented (as well as our home States of MS, LA and TX ;) and we started the fun in Madrid, Spain. Plenty of sangria, tapas, tortillas (the Spanish kind, not the Texas variety) were consumed in the duration of this trip I promise! It was so fun to reconnect with my friends, both of which were celebrating a ahem.. very special birthday. I sure did pick a great time to move to Europe for all my friends' birthday celebrations! We originally knew each other all in Kingwood, TX when our kids were babies and 2 of us have now flown the coop and who knows if/when we'll ever live in the same city again. That's ok.. as long as we can have our fabulous reunions once in a while!

Some of my favorite memories of Madrid involved food and wine, art and architecture. (can you tell we left the kids at home!?) We enjoyed strolling around the world famous Prado Museum and Reina Sophia, had lengthy lunches in Plaza Mayor and tried our first burrata cheese (sinful!) and Spanish pastries at the lively San Miguel Mercado. Another treat was having dinner at one of the oldest restaurants in the world: Restaurant Botin.

And of course, some photos to convince you to put Madrid on your list! :)

Thanks for looking.. next stop and one of my favorites: Lisbon, Portugal!