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so she wanted to see guys wearing kilts... :) 

A certain 9 year old had a special trip on her bucket list: to visit Scotland so she could see guys wearing kilts. And that was excuse enough for me to start planning! haha.. 

So this past fall, we visited Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a quick weekend trip, but enough to enjoy haggis and scotch, sleep in a real castle, refresh our knowledge on all things William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots, see a few kilts, hear some bagpipes being played, and even buy some official "Mackenzie" plaid :)
A memorable time was had by all!

The first stop on any trip to Edinburgh should be Castle Hill! We caught the walking tour and got the scoop on Scotland's tumultuous history.

on the 2nd day, it started to rain, so we headed indoors to the National Museum of Scotland for a respite from the weather. We were pleasantly surprised as it offered something for everyone: an amazing building for the architecture lovers, a kids' section and of course, plenty of history to discover!
One of our favorite experiences was staying in a real castle just outside of the city: Dalhousie Castle. It was absolutely perfect and exactly what we'd hoped, complete with a library, dungeon dinner, and a quiet meadow in which to catch an early morning run nearby. Would highly recommend if you're in the area!
on our 2nd day, we walked past Authur's Seat en route to Holyrood Palace, the Queen's official residence in Scotland. 
Hollyrood is home to an older abbey that sits on the site as well, from the 12thc. Just the ruins remain..

of course, we could have stayed much longer in Scotland, but this was a nice introduction and we were happy we went. Hopefully if you're reading this, you'll be inspired to go as well (or feel free to add any comments if you've been and I've left off any must-sees!

Thanks for looking and check back for a slew of back-logged adventures I have to share!