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Lisbon {Lisboa} 

oh how I love Lisbon! It's part San Francisco with a Spanish or Italian feel but a with Portugese flair. And the SUN. Usually lots of it. That's always a welcomed sight coming from grey Belgium.
So, after our little Algarve jaunt, we scooted over to Lisbon for a day. I didn't do Belem and Sintra, which I LOVED and had seen on a previous trip. We focused on the inner city and did a walking tour instead. Here's some of my faves from our time there. Enjoy!

A few recommendations from this trip.

We've stayed at a LOT of hotels, b&b's, apartments over the years and I have to say this was one of our absolute favorites!  In retrospect, I should have documented our lodging and restaurants better, and I have a lot of that info still if you ever need to ask.. I just don't have photos to go along with them. BUt seriously, if you're ever in Lisbon, I'd highly recommend! I was a gorgeous apartment right in the city. Tall ceilings, gorgeous furnishings, a yummy treat to greet us.. just book them!
I also wanted to recommend our dinner spot, which is actually in a hostel next to a killer view. There's usually a wait, but it worth it: Decadente.
Well, once again, I'm closing the chapter on a favorite European destination.
Just for now... :)

Thanks for looking! Few more adventures to share in Europe before I'm caught up so check back!


algarve {portugal}

The Algarve region of Portugal was on my list and we just made it there before we moved back last summer. Rick Steves was very adament about there being "good and bad" parts to the Algarve, so I stuck to his plan and we weren't disappointed. We flew into Faro and headed due west towards the "good parts". Remember, Portugal is about the same size of Indiana, so we never drove more than 2 hours a day on this quick southern-Portugal getaway!
Our first stop was Praia de Rocha. We mainly stayed here and went west a little towards Lagos , which is where we stayed the night. Lagos and Salema were beautiful but CRAZY windy! So windy that we couldn't enjoy the beach, so we headed back east the next day a little to escape the winds!
But here at Praia de Rocha, it was heavenly, as you can see..

we took a little boat tour to see some caves and we were able to see that the beach we were at most of the morning was completely submerged because of the tides! So I'm glad we went when we did.. couple of scenes around our Lagos hotel
having dinner in Salema...We intended on coming back the next morning, but ended up heading back east instead to escape the winds!
Of course, the only problem with this leg of the trip was that it was 24 hours!? :) Some people spend 3 weeks here in the summer and that would have been lovely. But I'm so glad we got a taste of the region and in 2 hours were in Lisbon, which I was anxious to share with my family. So check back soon for our Lisbon adventures and if the Algarve wasn't on your list.. put it on there, please! :)


portugal {pattern play}

I first visited Lisbon 2 years ago with friends and fell in love with it's colorful tile facades . You can catch a few on that post... but in looking back at my 2nd visit last May, I saw that I had an even greater collection of tile pics and thought I'd devote a post just to them. I just love the patterns and color, and especially it's use in architecture. It's ornate and beautiful and makes me ever so happy that the Portugese love to "play dress up" with their buildings :)