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Cote d'Azur - day 2

I realize that some of my geographically challenged friends may not know where I'm talking about! :)
The Cote d'Azur is the southeast coast of France.

You've probably heard of Cannes, St Tropez, Nice, or Monaco of which Monte Carlo is the capital. Monaco is a tiny country that's been ruled by the same family (Grimaldi) since 1297. And this was the royal family into which Princess Grace was married. This coast is certainly strewn with yachts and homes of the rich and famous. In fact, we were staying not far from a little peninsula that Bill Gates owns about half of. The prices are INSANE! But you can certainly understand why when you're there enjoying the view and overall ambiance.

Day 2, we explored our little village of Villefrance-sur-mer. There was a Sunday morning vintage market that was fun to peruse. We could have spent a small fortune on a vintage LV or Chanel scarf, but we browsed instead and enjoyed the warmth and atmosphere. We had breakfast at a cafe in the square and shopped and strolled along the coast. It was a little cloudy this day, but it still felt great and at least no rain! (a huge bonus for us Brussels gals!)

and some portraits of the chicas.. :)

Au Revior beautiful coast!

As you can see, it was GORGEOUS and such a lovely weekend away. I'd highly recommend it for an adult trip, although, I'm sure the kids would have a great time too.. The beach is rocky where we were, but I think there are sandy beaches futher to the west (Antibes, St Tropez).

Thanks for looking and check back for more adventures soon! :)


taking the "girls trip" to a new level - {Cote d'Azur}

Sorry for the blogging haitus. Let's chalk it up to having a little too much fun! I had the absolute pleasure of having one of my Texas bff's in town for a week and it was non-stop wonderfulness!! Did the soul good to have a dear friend here from home, and I'm trying not to be too sad that's over. We had a fantastic time and I'll post more about her visit specifically, but first I'd share the pictures I have ready :)

I've always been a fan of the girls trip. I sure do love "anniversary trips" and you know I love our family vacations, but there's just something about shopping and giggling and shedding responsibility with the chicas that's just downright fun! Especially now that I'm a mom! I've had some amazing girls trips.. Destin, Padre, skiing, New York, the one day zip to Venice last spring and now it was my turn to plan the big kahuna. My dear friend, T, from Texas was coming in and I wanted to go somewhere fabulous with her. Added 4 new brussels friends ( and a couple of good friends that couldn't come. this time.. boo!) and 2 grandmas that happened to be in town and voila: Monaco/Nice here we come! Sounded like the perfect weekend getaway sans kids.

We had a pretty strict agenda:
* bask in the sun
* see new fabulous things and places
* dress up
* drink champagne with a view

We were able to do all that and more!

We arrived to Nice around 10am on Saturday morning. We deposited our luggage at the train station and hopped the tram to the Promonade des Anglais. The sun was shining, palm trees waving and bright pink buildings winking at us. What a great day!
Around 4pm, we headed to Villefranche - sur-Mer to our rooms in the lovely Le Flore hotel, overlooking the Mediterranean. It was fabuloso! We all changed, had a glass of champagne on the terrace and awaited our driver to take us the 20 minutes into Monaco for dinner.
Our driver was from the area and spoke great English. He told us some great stories and even stopped for us to snap a few pictures along the way.
Alas, we arrived to our dinner in Monte Carlo. Do you think less of me because I was totally thinking about Selena Gomez the whole time and wanting to rewatch that movie!? lol. (sign of having an 8 going on 14 year old in my house!) :)
Not too shabby..
I was losing light, but that was just as well.. more time to enjoy the night and less time behind a camera lens :)   It was a great day and a perfect start to our getaway!