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the Italian Riviera {Portofino et all}

Last May, 2 of our Texas friends made the trek to visit us in Belgium, and then we joined them in Paris and Italy. It was my last trip to Italy (sigh.. but since it WAS about my 10th time, can I really complain!?) and I talked her into visiting a new spot for me: the Italian Riveria (which included Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure). We also went to Rome, which I'm always game for. I'll save that for the next post since this one will be long!
So.. here's some of my faves from the Italian Riviera. Enjoy!

(ps.. the 10 year olds pictured here were THE BEST travelers we moms could ever hope for. I hope we have many mother-daughter adventures in our future!)

chillin' at Paraggi beach ;)


Sardinia {visiting an Italian island}

So our favorite Italian island thus far has been Sicily (not that we've visited that many! haha), so Sardinia had a tough act to follow in our minds. Add to the fact that we were there a little less than 48 hours last April AND it was chilly and rainy.. BUT it was my 40th birthday (eek!) and only our 2nd sans-kids trip of our 2.5 years in Europe, so we were going to have fun no matter what!

Sardinia is know for some of Italy's best beaches, and perhaps one day we'll make it to them :) This trip, we stayed in the port city of Cagliari,  drank wine and relaxed and saw ancient ruins and just enjoyed the laid back Italian vibe.. it's always a treat, since Italy is my FAVE.
So, here's a little cloudy, weekend, birthday tour of Sardinia (with 2 of our favorite expat families)!

we stayed in a funky boutique hotel that i'd recommend if you're there: Maison Miramare


ahhh..amalfi {take 2}

I first visited the Amalfi coast with friends in April, 2013. You can read about that here. We based ourselves in Positano (which is LOVELY), went to Capri for the day, and took the ferry over to Amalfi Town and headed up to Ravello from there. Well, it was all so fabulous that I decided I really wanted to take the family there before we left Europe. It was an easy distance from Pompeii, but this time, I decided to stay in Amalfi Town proper and it was a nice experience in a different way. Not as quaint for sure, but beautiful as well and great access to Ravello, which we wanted to hike to. We enjoyed the company of Aunt Rachel and her boyfriend on this trip, making the trip all the more memorable :)
Enjoy.. this is a long one!

Sadly, that concludes ALL my Italian adventures.. thus far :) Perhaps, Italy will sneak it's way back on the agenda later in life. I sure hope so!
Next up: a few Belgian treasures to share..