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geeking out in {berlin}

As a child of the 80's AND history buff, Berlin was a must-see for me. I well remember the wall coming down while I was in high school and, like Russia, was excited to visit a place that would have been impossible when I was my kids' ages. I had plenty that I wanted to see and was looking forward to checking off my list. What Berlin was, however, was so much more than i could have expected. There's an unpredicatibility and edginess that is palpable in every building, monument and native. It's evocative and innovative; a melting pot of east and west; rich in culture and progress, yet respectful and approachable. Pushing boundaries and buttons; efficient and orderly, yet counter-culture and creative. And there's cranes. More than any other European city that I remember. Berlin is booming.

We took the Fat Tire bike tour, which we'd highly recommend!, and really got the lay of the land with the help of a knowledgeable, upbeat guide.
Here's some of my favorite shots from our ride..
cranes, cranes..

They are rebuilding the great Prussian palace (which accounts for a lot said cranes).. read about it here.

checkpoint Charlie..

On our bike tour, we hit a lot of highlights.. many monuments, buildings and historical site.. and a parking lot.
It seems that Hitler's bunker is below this unmarked parking lot and there's no plans to memorialize it anytime soon, which is fine by me.

loved these street lights. a "souvenier" from eastern berlin days
when in Germany...
must have curryworst :)
All the museums we visited on "Museum Island" were great and interactive for the kids. The new DDR Museum, although pricey, was superb I thought. The Checkpoint Charlie Museum, although in a very touristy area, was one of the kids faves, because it told stories of people crossing the wall over the years.
The Reichstag might very well be my favorite building in all of Europe. However, you NEED A RESERVATION to see it's glory, so please get your reservation NOW! :) Since it's a working government building, there's very tight security, so it's not so much that you're waiting in line bc of the crowds; you're waiting so they can do a security check.
But back to the building itself. It is the epitome of the Berlin that I descibed above.. looking back, yet reaching forward. SO innovative and awe inspiring.
oh and there's this cute guy too.. mr. brandenburg :)
So, that concludes my Berlin tour. I do hope it makes it's way on to your travel itenerary.
Next up: we explore a new continent.. Africa! :)


Berlin {east side gallery}

One of my favorite experiences from our visit to Berlin.  I'll let the wall and sun speak for itself.


oh the places we'll go... {day trips from Brussels}

One of the best things about living in Brussels is being able to LEAVE easily :) Don't get me wrong.. I'm not hating on my hometown. Especially this summer, which has been FANTASTIC. Can I get an amen for 9am runs when it's 58 degrees out?? But seriously, getting out of town is SO easy and esecially fun when I have visitors from the States. And when my Texas friends, Christy and Tracy came this past June, we certainly had some fun with the day trips.. here's some of my favorite memories to share.

First up: Venice! It was their first time to Italy (I dare not even count which time it was for me, but I was more than happy to go again :) and it was a perfect sunny day to greet us.

Next up: beautiful Brugge. We took the train..easy schmeasy. Always a treat.
How about Germany for lunch? Cute Monchau fits the bill perfectly.
and of course, we had to spend a LITTLE time in Brussels! Waffles, beer, chocolate, frites.. oh and we saw a few things too :) It was SO fun to have my friends here experiencing Europe with me!
Gosh, that was fun. Trying not to be sad that it's over!
Thanks for looking.. next stop: Paris and Cinque Terre so check back soon :)