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spectacular stockholm and ho hum helsinki

2 more Baltic days to share with you.

1st up is Stockholm.  We could have spent a lot more time there and would definiltey recommend it for a long weekend for our local friends. Stockholm is part of an archipelego which dazzles you as you come in and leave the port. The water is beautfiful with colorful boats and wood houses dotting the hundreds of islands. There is an old part of the city (the Gamle Stan), which is a perfectly preserved Medival town.

The most fun for the kids was our first stop, the Vasa museum. A 17thc warship that is perfectly preserved. It is an amazing museum;  one of the highlights of the entire trip for sure. We also were able to snag reservations to the Ice Bar, which was certainly unique for all of us. There are a couple of ice hotels around Europe that would be neat to sleep in, but we southerners were just fine with the 45 minutes. haha.
Oh and another highlight was seeing the military band at the changing of the guard at noon, playing Abba's Dancing Queen. Really!? How fun is that!

cruising in the archipelago

Part of the re-painted accessories of the Vasa. You can read more about it here. It sank on it's maiden voyage! Really was fascinating.
And lastly, the super COOL Ice Bar :) And yes,of course,  the kids had juice in case you were wondering ;)

Now on to Helsinki, Finland.  I really mean no disrespect for Helsinki, and I'm sure it's a lovely city for those who live there. It was a GORGEOUS day and we so enjoyed just walking around and seeing the "3 churches" that were the main attractions from our trusty Rick Steves. I did spot some super cute shops that I would have loved to have gone in, but I generally am limited to a few minutes here and there when the family is in tow. So, Helsinki was just ok for us. A nice low-key day, where we ended up back on the ship early and sunbathed, which was as much a treat for us as visiting a new country!
But I do have some photos to share with you from Finland.

The dome below is actually a very unique church that was blasted out of a huge granite rock. It's called the Temppeliaukio Church and is definiltey worth a visit if you find yourself in Helsinki.

Voila! Another 2 Baltic days under our belt! Did I mention that we SO lucked out on the weather? All the staff on the crusie kept telling us how cold and rainy it has been all summer and they were amazed at how gorgeous it was. So we soaked up every ounce of sun and were that much more appreciative (especially coming from Brussels!)
Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for more!