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{Baltic fave} - Tallinn, Estonia  

ok friends.. you need to put Tallinn on your list. I'd heard great things about it, and we weren't dissappointed. More blue skies (Yay!), fantastic Medievel quarter, a lovely bike tour out of the center.. it was one of our favorite traveling days for sure.

Tallinn was part of the USSR until 1991, so the Soviet mark is definiltey here. Our sweet (young!) tour guide was born just around then (I know, right!?) and had a lot of stories of her own family members being sent to Siberia and of the oppresion of the Soviet days. The town is beautiful though, and the historic center has never been destroyed by war, so it really is a special place. 
The outdoor theater below holds a singing competition once every 5 or 10 years that's a HUGE part of their culture. In fact, they call the 1991 revolution the "singing revolution" because the people of Estonia gathered in mass to sing in protest instead of raising arms. Quite fascinating.
We biked thru some lovely gardens and I was hoping for a nice picture of my offspring. This is what I got :)
yes, I also got one of the both of them smiling, but you see that all the time, so I'm sticking with this one!

Voila! I hope you enjoyed our little tour of Tallinn. I've gotten a little lazy with my descriptions and have just let the photos do the talking. I hope that's ok! If you happen to be going to any places you see on the blog, feel free to email me and I'll give you some more specifics. I don't want to risk boring you all with details.
But we did so enjoy this day and would highly recommend it if you're in this area. I've heard Riga, Latvia is a nice city, so maybe the 2 together could be a nice long weekend destination.
Thanks for looking and check back tomorrow for the crownl jewel of the trip: St Petersburg!