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Aarhus and Warnemunde.. have you heard of them? 

Don't worry, we hadn't either! But part of the territory with choosing a 12 day cruise is that you probably will happen upon a few ports that aren't on your bucket list. The good thing about these kind of ports is that you have no expectiations or "must see's", which can be nice actually. I'll combine 2 of these stops today in an efort to save some time :)

First up was Aarhus, Denmark, which is Denmark's 2nd largest city. We opted to spend most of our time at the Dem Gamle By, which is a National Open Air Museum, much like Plymouth Plantation if you've ever been there. (We have years ago and still talk about how we COULD get into churning our own butter.. of course we never have!?) haha.. It was neat to see what Danish life was like, let the kids play games, enjoy the architecture.. great choice for the kids and adults alike.

Aarhus upon our arrival.

Dem Gamle By

an old-fashioned game of bowling
sweet treats that were yummy for kids a couple of hundred years ago and still today! (except when they got ahold of the licorice ones.. haha)
of course I loved the colors and history that was all around us. Not too bad of a way to spend an afternoon!
Next up, was Warnemunde, Germany. Technically, they call it the "Berlin stop" because you CAN get to Berlin in 3 hours ONE WAY. Normally we would be game for the crazy day, but since we could drive there within about 8 hours or take a 1 hr 30 euro flight, we're saving Berlin for a weekend trip. SO.. then the question was what to do in Warnemunde!? I'd read a few things that picqued my interest, so we rented a car and headed out for our own exploring. It's also neat to think that when I was my kids' ages, touring this part of Germany would not have been possible, as it was part of East Germany.

First stop was the Schwerin castle, which was worth the trek. No pictures allowed inside, but that was fine as it was a GORGEOUS day, so we toured quickly and enjoyed soaking up the sun!
next stop was the Unesco Site of Wismar, a northern German Hanseatic town. We popped in a couple of churches and it never ceases to amaze me how unique each one can be. Not sure why my gang was giggling below, but it's a sweet photo of my favorite traveling buddies so I included it!
The town center was quite interesting.
Our next stop was the boating festival of Hanse Sail that takes place in Rostook. We could have stayed here ALL day and let the kids play, ride a pirate boat and eat festival food.. and we did a little of that, but decided we wanted to head to the beach for our last couple of hours. Well, when we arrived to the beach, we were quickly aware that clothing was optional and boy, were we in shock! And I mean the full monty for the hombres and the chicas alike!? So I tried to find a spot where we'd have no naked photo bombing , snapped a few and we checked in early ;)  Turns out it was quite chilly (go figure), so we were ok to call it a night earlier than we'd planned.

So that concludes the obscure Baltic sea ports that you'll probably never visit ;) Next up.. one of my favorite spots of the trip: Tallinn, Estonia!
Thanks for checking and happy adventures!


cruisin' out of Copenhagen

Finally! After the infamous camera debacle, the start of school hoopla, and a little tv debut, I'm finally all caught up and ready to share pictures from our great Scandinavian adventure! We took a 12 day cruise out of Copenhagen in August with Princess Cruiseline, that we've been planning for 8 months. We knew we wanted to see a different part of the world and Russia was high on our list. We wanted the max number of days ashore and minimum at sea and this one fit the bill. (only 2 sea days). I'll tell more about the cruise itself in another post, but today I'll share about our days in Copenhagen.

We had a full day here and we stayed right in Nyhavn, which is THE postcard picture that you always see in Copenhagen. It didn't dissapoint!
We headed out for a walking tour which gave us a lot of history about this interesting city. There is a lot of construction going on with their underground, so that was a bit of a bummer. But overall, it was great to see this cute city and we looked forward to spending more time on our way back thru after the cruise.
This day was one of the chilliest and drizzly of our entire 12 days, as you can see with our jackets and long sleeves. Coming from Houston, it's been a welcome change to wear sweaters in August!? But we were hoping for some sun and we certainly got it as the days progressed. All the cruise staff kept telling us how lucky we were to be there when we were as the whole summer had been so rainy and cold. Copenhagen is the city of Hans Christian Anderson and LEGOS! So it's a great place for kids!

The opera house across the grand canal.

on our way back in at the end of our trip, I was camera-less. I thought it'd be ok since we'd seen the main sites on the way in, but we did a great canal cruise AND went to the Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and has such an old world charm that would have been fantastic to have captured with my camera. uggh.. But the kids had a blast and we have sweet memories just the same :) I do highly recommend it if you make it to Copenhagen.
I do have one shot I loved that i took with my iphone. This swing is about 4 times higher than any swing you've ever seen in the US. It was crazy!
So I'd recommend Copenhagen for a weekend trip for sure. It's colorful and lively, playful and fun!
It also boasts the world's best restaurant. Noma. Wish I'd been able to suprise my foodie hubby with reservations, but perhaps we'll have to make another trip.. WITH a camera :)

Thanks for looking and check back for more Scandinavian fun!