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the princess in Prague and other adventures...

ahh.. our last full day in Prague. It really was one of my favorite cities that we've visited this year. (and in case you just looked at this blog for the first time TODAY, you know we've visited quite a few!!)  It's historic and romantic and beautiful all rolled into one.

So.. enough of the waxing poetic and on to the views!
We got up early and headed back to the Charles Bridge for a little less crowded experience.
We went back to the Old Town and climbed the clock tower, where it so happened to be on the hour when the bugler comes out. It was fun to be up there right next to him!
I almost spit out my orange juice when miss C held one hand to her chest and waved to the crowd below in her best princess pose. It came so naturally! Here she had the bugler, the tower, the crowd gathered below.. she was totally in her element! haha..
Her lovely village and loyal subjects below..  ;)
more great views.. notice the fall colors..
Alas, the princess and other members of the royal family..
Back down to earth...
We visited the Medieval Museum of Bohemian Art, which is housed in a 13thc Abbey. It was actually a fantastic little gem of a museum that kept the kids' attention and wasnt' too overwhelming.
We headed back up to Castle Hill for the rest of the day and did a tour of the old castle, The Romanesque Basilca of St George, the Old Royal Palace and Golden Lane (a fave, but SO crowded).. I'd read that if you go right before they close, that it woudln't be, but it turned out that it's actually free at dusk, so then it gets crazy crowded! Oh well!
And finally, sunset...
Thank you for reliving our fun journey with me! I hope you find yourself in this part of the world before too long.. it really is a treat!
Stay tuned for a few more adventures, and in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends and family!


"this keeps getting prettier with every step we take"

said 10 yr old K as we kept turning corners coming into the old town on our first night in Prague. ;)

Ahh.. Prague. It was FIRST on my list when we moved here 11 months ago. But for various reasons, we just now made it 2 weeks ago, and it was everything I'd hoped and heard! Spared mass destruction during the World Wars, it truly is a magical city that oozes romance and old world charm. The St Charles Bridge is breaktaking with amazing views whichever way you cast your eyes, Castle hill and the Old Town are awesome and charming all at once, the fall colors only added to the ambiance and we were in love. I would go back in a heartbeat and implore you to put it on your list!!

The first night (where offspring declared the beauty of the place with each step..) ;)
Astronomical clock from 1410. The oldest one still working in the world.

our first full day we were scheduled for an Electric Bike ride. Sounded fun and a little different, so I signed us up. C was a smidge too small and after getting the hang of it declared it was "miserable and magical" all at the same time (you'll get that reference if you have the new Taylor Swift cd.. which we all know by heart thanks to the 9 hour drive)! haha.. So you pedal for a few strokes and then VOILA - the bike takes off like a little rocket in your pants. It was so funny and fun and weird, but what a great way to see a little more of the city than we normally would on foot or just on a tour bus.

The day started off a bit cloudy but warmed up and cleared up as the day progressed.
Our first glimpses of the Old Town in the morning...
making our way to the river...
And the fabulous Charles Bridge. I want to go see it in every season!!

We rode up a ginormous hill (EVER thankful for that E-bike) and saw some amazing views along the way. at the top, is a small Eiffel Tower that was built the year after the original. Who knew!?
View from the top:

We left the older part of the city and went to a communist era stadium that is the largest in the world! (again.. who knew?). It was only used every 5 years for required communist military olympic type-games. Here's my crew doing some cheering in the overgrown stands :)
And the block housing where the participants stayed.. very typical around the outskirts of Prague and many of the post-communist countries we've visited.
Back down to the pretty part :)

By now, we were getting the hang of this E-bike thing.. well, most of us :)
the original biker of the family, off roading in the leaves. Can you believe that tree!!?
there's our blue skies!
The Lennon wall was fun to see.. it started out by "free thinking" love and peace- John Lennon- loving students during the 80's, vexing the communist leaders. They'd paint the wall and the next day - all new grafitti, poems, letters and art about peace. The original paitings are long covered up, but it's a symbol of peace and freedom of speech in the city that was without for so long.
And finally, as the day drew to a close.. a few more shots of beautiful Prague.

one of our favorite treats of any place we've visited are these fresh cinnimon rolls (literally a roll) that were DELISH!! You MUST get one when you go, if not 2 (which we did, and is the reason I had egg whites for bkft AND lunch today.. haha.. they were SO worth it though!)

We had a jam packed first full day in Prague and loved every minute of it. The icing on the cake was having dinner with some dear friends that moved to Prague this year. Was so good to see them and catch up in their new fabulous city!
we're only half way done, so check back for more next post!