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the rejects =) 

Just cleaning up my files a little (you don't even want to know how many personal pics I have!) and came across these.. the costa rica web rejects. There are hundreds more, but these caught my eye.


pura vida: me amo costa rica

Are you ready for a long post??! Thanks so much for your patience as I weeded thru 2000 vacation pics, getting it down to around 300 absolute must haves and finally about 30 for the blog. I'll put more over on my facebook page, if you care to check that out.

So.. without further ado..
We flew into Liberia and headed strait to La Fortuna, home of Arenal, an active volcano. It's a weird feeling to hear a rumble and roar every few hours, and if the skies are clear, you can see the smoke or the rocks tumbling down. Lots of adventures were to be had here, and here's some shots of it all!
the beautiful open-air church in Liberia
and another in Canas on the way to Arenal. I'm a lover of mosaics AND churches, so bonus points for this one. :)
hiking thru the lava fields of the big '92 eruption.

the following was probably our favorite adventure all trip: canyoning. All 4 of us repelled down a series of 4 waterfalls and a canyon wall. It was amazing! And yes, I lugged my camera thru it all!
baldi hot springs: lots of hot springs around, and we just picked some that were nearby. It was a mini waterpark all using the hot springs water.
La Fortuna Falls: a great hike took us to this amazing waterfall. Only the crazies actually swim there (aka.. my family).
maybe a fave for the kids, but a nailbiter for me.. so much so that I refused to do it! We read about it online.. it's not in any books.. just a rope swing outside of town into a river. It's called "salto". See for yourself. Yes.. those are my babies jumping the 20+ feet into the river!
next up: Ziplining. This is more my speed.. gliding thru the treetops; no free falls into rushing bodies of water =)

Then we headed to the stip of the Nicoya Peninsula and stayed in a little hippie, surfer village called Montezuma. Insane dirt roads, driving thru a couple of rivers, a 5 hour hike at Cano Reserve where we maybe saw 7 people.. it was a different experience, but worth the trek.
this was our view every morning
we took a boat over to Tortuca Island for snorkeling and beach play
horseback ride to El Charro, one of 7 waterfalls in the world that goes directly into the ocean
we headed over to Mal Pais and Santa Theresa, my favorite beaches all trip.
what's a trip to Costa Rica without seeing some wildlife!

finally, we spent the last part of our trip at the Four Seasons on the Papagayo Peninsula. While it was redicuously luxurious and beautiful, we were glad to have had our previous adventures, and really just relaxed and were waited on like rock stars =)
this was one of the holes at their arnold palmer golf course. We did a golf cart tour and enjoyed the views at every turn.
we wore them out! :)
breakfast bliss.. lychees

There you have it! Maybe I'll have posters remorse and put a few more on when I can =)
For now, though, enjoy and thanks so much for looking. I hope you've been inspired to visit or grab your kids and do something a little more adventurous then you'd thought you could, OR take me with you on your next vacation so you can have fabulouys vacation pics too!