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the hills are alive... 

you know you want to sing the rest, right!??

we had a fun visit the last couple of weeks from MaeMae! She was here for less than 24 hours and we had her on a plane headed to Munich. We went to the Dachau Concentration camp memorial, Munich, Salzburg, then off to Fussen to get our King Ludwig castle fix.

Before we break out in song, I've a few photos to share from Dachau. It was poignant and thought provoking for all of us.

In less than 2 hours, we were in a much happier place: Salzburg. Home to the Sound of Music, Mozart's birthplace, all at the foothills of the gorgeous Austrian Alps.
we checked in to our hotel and still had a few hours of daylight to check out the city center. I'd loved Salzburg from a previous European trip and was so excited to share this sweet place with my favorite people!
We took a carriage ride through the old city. I love the one of MaeMae planting a big one on K. I imagine there might not too many of those allowed to be photographed in public for too much longer :(  She was consoling him since little sis got picked to ride up front with the driver. Yay for her.. a little bummed for the boy that's supposed to be big. Life lessons in Salzburg, I suppose.
It was a neat way to see the city and saved our feet for the next day when we had a tour scheduled for a Sound of Music bike ride!!

As you can see, the sun was shining and it was a magical experience indeed. We'd watched the movie before, but in case you have a similar idea, watch it AFTER. It's much more fun!
one of my favorite shots of the whole trip:
this view is from the abbey
more great views..
below we were able to see the front AND the back of the house (2 houses), the tree lined street where the kids were hanging from the trees, the gate of the abbey...
And of course the gazebo!!They say it's closed now after too many "61 going on 62 year olds" snuck in and tried to dance around the benches like in the movie, and ended up getting hurt. Oh dear! So we had to make do with dancing out in front :)
After the tour, we went to my favorite cemetary in Salzburg. Their signs and grave markers are very unique here as they're iron and very ornate. I'd remembered from my trip 16 years ago and and was as precious as I'd remembered it. To my surpise, it's named St Sebastian which is our son's middle name (which we came up with on another European trip before he was born).
Whew! That concludes the first part of our adventure. We've several more stops, so make sure you check back for more this week!
Bisous, Mackenzie ;)