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how cute are they!?

this one caught my eye.. they have an adorable family that cares for them, but I couldn't help but this one. Guarenteed to make you smile!


la maison de wheatley 

It's been a memorable 3 years in our house on Rocky Brook. One month after we moved in, Ike hit. Many parties and sleepovers with growing kids, hundreds of splashes in the beloved pool and bike riding in the cul-de-sac. It was my tabula rasa to decorate, and JUST when everything was about complete (it's actually never done, is it ladies!?), it's time to pack it all up and head to our next adventure.

When I first got wind of the move, I knew that I really wanted family pictures here so we could look back and remember this home forever. And who better to do it, than the fabulous, Viviana? ;)  I thought it would be fun for you to see some of my faves that she captured. I figure seeing is believing, and if I can trust her with my own pictures, than you can too! I will treasure these, and am so thankful to have such precious pictures from our sweet home!  Enjoy!

ps..fantastic picture day hair by the lovely Sarah Moyar ;)
message me if you want her number and you live in the Kingwood/Atascocita area!

So the morning after these photos, I drug the family out in the "good light" for a few outside pics. A dear friend was in town and she graciously got up at the crack of dawn and was ironing and taking pics on my front lawn all by 8am. That's a true friend! Here's some of my faves:

Finally, a few I took for the realtor. It will likely go on the market by next weekend. If you know of anyone looking, send them this post and they can get a pre-HAR look! ;)


call for guest bloggers ;) 

Do you have anything you'd like to share on my blog? Pitch me an idea and maybe you can be featured on the blog while I'm swamped with work/move. It could be anything from decorating to travel, shopping to photography.. just something you think chubbyfoot readers would like to see! AND it will be most helpful to me in the next 2 months as I need to take a few breaks to pack, make dr appts, inventory my entire house, etc ;)

But for now, I'll resume my blogging role and give you some fun images to peruse!
First up, I met this family a few days before they started their expat adventure to China! Can you imagine how they're going to love these cute blodies over there? ;)
next up is the Schoenes. So hard to believe their little guy is another year older.
the bellamys were fun to see again. We finally got dad in the photo ;)
and a little sweet girl fun -

Miss Milan - gorgeous little one
and the bartsch girls. So full of personality and growing so fast on me!
thanks for looking and hopefully I'll be back soon with more to share!