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2 weeks from today..

there will be movers at my house!? Yikes! Well, that's the best case scenario, and the best case hasn't really worked out during this moving process so far, but in case it does, you'll know what I'll be doing on this day in 2 weeks: directing movers what will go by air, by sea and to storage. Heaven forbid we get those things confused, right!?
Lest you think I've been resting on my laurels, having fantastic going away parties (well, I actually have had a few of those), and twiddling my thumbs, I've actually been taking pictures! It's that time of year! I'm so blessed to be able to see a lot of my "regular" families before I leave. It's hectic, but worth it to see those babies growing up, new additions to the families, and to get one last hug before we fly over the horizon.
So, let's get to it!
First up is the Kirk family. Love this crew and mom's fantastic ideas about documenting their life as it is this moment. Last year, we were in their fantastic home and this year, we poked around mom's work. It was the perfect venue! Enjoy!
Next up is the Harder kids. Will miss these cuties terribily!!
these boys have been so fun to see over the years. They're getting so big. Their aunt lives in Europe, so I'm hoping they'll come meet me for next year's christmas card?? ;)
awww.. the childress family will certainly be missed. I've been photographing them since both boys were in utero! I wish they'd hop on  a plane to come visit me too :(
let's hear it for the girls! Loved seeing the Vallone girls (and dad) again this year. Gosh, it hardly gets any cuter than this!
If you've ever looked at this blog, you've probably seen these cuties.. some of my favorite redheads ever! Christmas is hardly a holiday without seeing the sweet Oakleys!


their quiver is full ;)

have so many fantastic families to share.. thought my theme today would be families with 3 or more children.. their quiver is certainly full of love and laughter I'm sure!!
First up the Brassingtons. Mom happens to be a friend of mine and she just ordered a TON Of canvases from all her sessions over the last couple of years, and I'm so proud of her!
another friend of mine, ever since we were kinder homeroom moms together. Sigh.. now our boys are finally together again in 4th grade! I know, I know.. we have cute friends!
next up is the beautiful French family. Dear, chubbyfoot "oldies" that I will miss sorely! Their children are so precious inside and out.
I've been seeing the Linos way before there were 6 total! It's a joy to see them every year and i'll certainly miss seeing their smiling faces for the next couple of years.
I really hope mom and dad aren't done having kids bc they sure make cute ones! The katterhenry kids, gracing the camera below ;)
The Kincannons were fun to see again after several years. Little sis is quite the star of the show!
and the ultimate of all blessed quivers is the Stephenson grandkids. I've LOVED seeing these sweet babies grow over the years.. at least 8 years and counting!! Will miss them dearly!!


it's all about the little people

they can be so unpredictable, but oh so rewarding! Love these brand new babies!
First up, mr c , big sister cora's new doll baby! I was priveledged to photograph Cora in her first year and will be sad not to be around for little man's. :(
and introducing miss stella, at her new home that her parents moved into about one week before she was born!?
dylan was tuckered completely out for his session. We couldn't wake him if we tried! I loved it! ;)
and the jacobsons. Another sweet Chubbyfoot regular that I will sorely miss. Loved seeing them and their new adorable addition!
I first met miss Lucy when she was as tiny as the babies above.. fast forward 4 months and she was back for me! So fun to see her and her little studious personality!