Entries from October 1, 2010 - October 31, 2010


tis the season! 

SO cute, these two are! These shirts (and kids) made me smile. It's getting close to the season, and I have pics to prove it!
sophie and henry, having a blast on a sunday afternoon.
next up.. the hart family. This is the last year they'll be a family of 5. Next year they'll be adding a little angel from Africa.. hence the fabulous t-shirts. Gives me goose-bumps just typing about it. Always a pleasure to see them, and I can't wait to meet the new sis next year!

next up is the wohlfords. First time to meet them and, and as you can see it was a treat. So many pretty girls!
last but not least is the Spielmans. If any of your girls have an American Doll on her list, you could take home one of these cuties.. they look just like Amer Girl dolls to me!


happy trick or treating ;)

a few of my faves from a fabulous halloween party last weekend.
More of my Super Mario and Princess Peach later ;)


jose eber curls

c's curls (that stayed most of the day!), compliments of Jose Eber 13mm curling stick. Buy them at a kiosk at the mall for $120-$200 or buy one for $60 here!

There's a 19mm and 25mm as well.. just bought the 25mm for me!
If you love your chi (or whatever upgraded flat iron you have you have), this is the curling iron version. You'll. never. go. back! Comes with a crazy michael jackson glove, but it's worth it!

amazing 50's-style day dress, purchased at Belle Reese at the Mall of Louisiana.
Dress also found online at ChichiBean. Little Pea dress here.