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in the juice

we were in France in '99 staying with a family friend whose husband is a chef in Paris. the kitchen was particularly busy that night and our friend said something about the staff being "in the juice". ?! her english is less than perfect and our french is nonexsistant, so it took a few tries to realize what she was saying... it's a french saying that expresses when someone is insanely, over-the-top busy. well, that's me. i'm "in the juice" and will be soaking in it until mid-december!

so.. please excuse the space between posts and especially forgive if i don't get to highlight every session. you should go to recent shoots and see what all is new and if you recognize anyone (which you should since chubbyfoot is 100% word of mouth!)

here's just a few favorites from the last week. I'll try to add more another day. and to save time, I won't add links, but will mention the name if you want to go to my site and see more!
** my cover boy is nate from the woodlands. is he not the cutest ever??
i love this one of the little princess - (smith)
and i love this candid of mom and girls.. there's another cutie pie in this family. dad goes to afghanistan this week, so you can keep them in your prayers! (fletcher)
miss charlotte was a joy to photograph.. all smiles and loved on as much as humanly possible =)
congrats, parents on getting your baby girl!
ella is one and i love how she's leaning on mommy here..
and one last on for today.. another one loving on mommy
cameron - 6 months. (thanks, for driving all the way from katy!)

i have so many more to share - but i HAVE to get myself off this computer and go get some loving from MY kids =)
have a great weekend..



here some recent favorites -

* jones/breaux - this is a family that I've photographed for a few years now.  they're always so much fun and the time just flies by when we're shooting. by far the easiest twins.. all smiles and handsome as ever.
here's the boys.. click to see the rest of the gang!

* polich clan - this was a fun shoot.. new girl cousins in from out of town and one PROUD grandma!
They were a great bunch and we got creative photographing 2 babies and a toddler =)
* and here's sweet Michael,  3 months. Just a year ago, his parents lost his brother late in the pregnancy, so this guy is very special to his mom and dad and it showed! take care you guys and I look forward to seeing him grow!

* setmeyers - these are actually good friends and neighbors with 2 precious kiddos. julie and i both love decorating and photography, so I knew she'd want some photos of her family in her home before they move this week (sniff) to tulsa. we got some fun candid shots that i wish i could do more of... i'm still trying to convince all of you to let me inside =)
here's a fun shot of her son in his room:
and miss priss at tea with a very special guest...
* and finally, 2 handsome boys to share.. this is the heitzmann's pride and joy. his was a classic shoot.. good and smiley at the beginning and harder as the hour progressed.. i love it when it happens that way though, b/c the parents are always more excited and happy with what we ended up getting! (since it ended in tears and they feel like the whole time was like that, when in fact, I got 100 great shots in the 1st 10 minutes!)
* and last  but not least is the harris fam.  I love this photo, although it doesn't capture his stunning eyes. thankfully, i got plenty of those shots too!(along with his parents)4001_1

ok.. I'm finally caught up with LAST week.. time to get started on this one =)


Woodlands openings and new RICE DAY opening!

just an update to the calendar:

this Saturday, Oct 14th, I'll be in the Woodlands and have 3 appts open: 8am, 11:20am, and 3pm. If you'd like one of these spots, let me know asap. if not, you can see me power shop at those times at market street =)

BIG NEWS: due to the overwhelming response to the Rice Univ sessions, I'm opening another day Dec 3rd. email fast for a spot! And yes, you should have your cd back in time for Chirstmas cards..

I have many sessions to share, but wanted to get this info out asap.
i will take a few minutes to share my favorite pics of my own kids =)
this is canon going to a barn yard party. had to put her in a tutu and hot pink cowgirl boots!
in all my free time, i HAD to make these to complete the ensemble. thanks to www.giddygiddy.com for the idea!
and my almost FIVE year old.. with his surfer hair (that is no more) and cute Target t-shirtImg_9607001
and an action soccer shot.. one reason that I like saturdays off =)
much more to come!!