Entries from November 1, 2010 - November 30, 2010


" A girl should be two things...

Classy and Fabulous"  ;)

- Coco Channel

Some future fashionistas for you. Enjoy!
The Sheara family was adorable. Such a treat to meet them for the first time and get MOM behind the lens. Love the Matilda Jane duds and mom's jacket was delish.

ahh.. the Metz family. One of my longest running families (6 years at least??). The girls have grown into such amazing people and mom and dad keep me laughing the entire time. One of these years, I'm going to make sure and schedule time after the shoot to relax and have that margarita with them ;)
Another set of girls that I've enjoyed watching grow these last several years. The Howard girls were as sweet as they were cute.
And a precious little angel that I hope to see grow in the future! I first met miss claire this summer when she was 2 weeks, and look at her now! So fun to see her and her sweet fan club.


el fin de la sofa

the grand finale! Thanks to my patient last-sofa-post-clients ;)
first up, the kosh family. It was fun to see them again and meet their new addition!
and I'll match those cute 3 girlies, with 3 of my favorite boys! The Sullivan crew...
back to the girls. I've known this family since we first moved to Kingwood and the big girl and my oldest were infants together in a "mommy playgroup" haha. The big kids are now 9, sigh. Was fun to get this crew behind the camera.
last , but not least, the adorable "yao yao" and her fan club (did I spell that right, mom?)  So, SO sweet to capture this time in their lives. She lit up the camera like a rock star!


the last sofa sessions of 2010

And my back is thankful! ;)

My own hubby was in a suite at the LSU game last weekend (poor guy) as me and a couple of poor client husbands were lugging this puppy to and from the house! Bonus points for the sofa just being placed a few dozen feet from my casa though.. gotta love that. And what precious families I had that day to photograph! This is set 1 of 2, so come back tomorrow for the rest!

First up, the Armentas.. kuddos to dad for being the first of the sofa haulers at 8am. Kuddos to mom AND dad for having such adorable boys.
next up is the Cofers. First saw them a year ago when this little guy was just 2 weeks old. Now he's such a big boy, with those incredible blue eyes.
you might recognize these cuties.. the Lameres. I always enjoy seeing this native Louisiana crew.
and the Noseks brought the fun to the sofa for sure. Their  little guys have been a joy to watch grow over the years.
That's it for today! Check back tomorrow for part 2!