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i need one of those t-shirts..

one that says something like: I had 54 shoots in one week and lived to tell about it! Thanks to all of you who allowed me into your lives this past week to photograph you and your loved ones. I am alive and digging my way out of this um..slight pile-up and am beginning to see the light! I'm mailing out about 20 pkgs tomorrow with another 20 ready to follow as soon as my printer (the 3rd one I'm now trying in a week?!) catches up! Am uploading about 25 web pages right now.. figure I'll mosey on to bed (1:20am) and let it upload all night while I dream.

Note to self.. next year, send out a frantic email in AUGUST reminding everyone to start coming in earlier for Christmas pics! that, or maybe I can move my kids birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas to another time of the year??! =)

It's so crazy around here and even if it's 1am and I'm drained, I have to say that I have the best job ever and I really am so blessed to be able to do what I do. I love meeting new faces and seeing old ones every year. It's such a pleasure to capture a moment with a family that will be frozen in time and treasured forever.

please check recent shoots for some beautiful families, kids, couples.. I'll try to post a few of my favorites soon.. including a certain Star Wars 5 year old birthday party that took place at my house earlier this evening. I can't believe a  FIVE year old lives here! =)


vegas, orlando, and red bull...

hi from busy me!
here's a recap of my last 4 days - Thursday 7 shoots, Friday - 9, Saturday 7 and a birthday party, Sunday - 8.. every night I'm back and furiously on the computer downloading, proofing, packaging... Today I'm off to the Heights for 9 shoots, then tomorrow and Wed are the same!! So, if I'm slow in getting back to you, you'll know why!

I just have time for a few quick thoughts..
I'll be in VEGAS in DECEMBER and might book a session on the  27,28 or 29th if you know anyone that might be interested!
Also, I'll be in ORLANDO and could possibly take an appt January 22-26.
Sessions would be $450. email if you're interested!

Ok, here's some of my new favorite things:
i joined Sam's Friday after my 9 shoots soley for this =)

and Jedidiah's Novelties, a hip chick here in Kingwood that makes some sassy stuff I love. I'm a sucker for vintage fabrics... her specialty is really cards and they are fabulous. But check back after thanksgiving and see more of her bags, t's, aprons, ... cute!
here's what I got for me and canon:

and finally, I'm loving these holidays b/c a lot of my clients are wearing colors that really are vibrant and fun. there are HUNDREDS I could post, but here's a couple of my favorites before I really need to be off!
here's ryan
and meredith at mercer arboretum
and here's my 2 loves downtown
happy thanksgiving!!


no hospital pictures??!

So can you believe my son's 1st hospital visit and I didn't get one picture?!
My 4 yr old has had a bad chest cold with trouble breathing and we had to take him to the hospital Friday night to make sure it wasn't pneumonia. It wasn't, but was like a bad asthma attack and 18 hour later, we were on our way home. So.. all that to say, that I'm a little behind, but am getting back into the swing of things and may actually end up ahead since I was supposed to be camping this weekend, but am instead homebound.

My son is doing much better.. just on a strict breathing treatment schedule for the next few days. I must say that is was humbling being on the other end of the reschedule. I get several reschedules a week becasue of sick kids, or huge scrathes on kids faces, etc.. so it was my turn to have to reschedule on 4 sweet families on Friday morning, who of course were more than gracious and understanding.
here's a pic from him earlier in the week when it all started:

so, hang in there and I promise your photos will be up soon!

thanks so much and thank God when you breathe easy this week =)