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Sardinia {visiting an Italian island}

So our favorite Italian island thus far has been Sicily (not that we've visited that many! haha), so Sardinia had a tough act to follow in our minds. Add to the fact that we were there a little less than 48 hours last April AND it was chilly and rainy.. BUT it was my 40th birthday (eek!) and only our 2nd sans-kids trip of our 2.5 years in Europe, so we were going to have fun no matter what!

Sardinia is know for some of Italy's best beaches, and perhaps one day we'll make it to them :) This trip, we stayed in the port city of Cagliari,  drank wine and relaxed and saw ancient ruins and just enjoyed the laid back Italian vibe.. it's always a treat, since Italy is my FAVE.
So, here's a little cloudy, weekend, birthday tour of Sardinia (with 2 of our favorite expat families)!

we stayed in a funky boutique hotel that i'd recommend if you're there: Maison Miramare


our new addition {chevy}

If this little guy looks like fun and adorable and absolutely a heart stealer then you'd be CORRECT!
We got Chevy (A schnoodle: poodle + schnauzer) 3 weeks ago and are loving our 4 legged family member to pieces. He's about 6lbs but will be 14-15lbs full grown. He's a pretty chocolate brown with almost hazel eyes. He's our family's FIRST dog and we all love him so much! Of course, it's a GOOD thing that he's so darn cute, because of course he is a puppy (16 weeks). (code for: chewing, working on potty training, etc..) But we're on our way and can tell he's the perfect addition to our family. So I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of him on the blog.. esp since he's the only baby in the house and we all know babies are SO cute to photograph! :)
as a bonus, his "first pics" happened to coincide with the Texas bluebonnets :) But i can tell you, this shoot lasted all of 5 1/2 minutes and we only let him off his leash once as there's a very busy street nearby. So instead of getting frustrated and disappointed with how many shots I DIDNT get, I was happy that I got a few and that we all safely returned to the car :) win-win.


miss b is {one}

seriously? Thank you Etsy AND mom and dad for bringing such a bundle of cuteness to my door! Little Miss B wasn't always in the mood for pics, but hey.. she's 1! When she did decide we were having fun, I was there to catch the precious grins.