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Maui Wowie {West Fun 1/7}

Since it's officially SUMMER and all, I got inspired to blog about our Maui trip last summer. Better late than never, right? (I feel like I say that often on this blog...)
Anyway, the hubs and I had been to Kauai and Oahu when I was newly pregnant with my 14th year old. It was FANTASTIC and although he really wanted to go back to Kauai, I talked him into Maui, as I like to try new things! Of course, I would have loved to have taken them there AND to see Pearl Harbor in Oahu, but we focused on just 1 island for 9 days, and in the end, there was planty to see and do and there were things we didn't even get to. There's certainly plenty of relaxation to be had but if it's adventure you're seeking (and that's usually us), there's plenty of that too!

This first post covers 2 days that we spent around K'aanapoli (where we stayed) and the western part in general. We beach hopped, attended the fabulous Old Lahaina Luau, paddle boarded, snorkeled, body surfed, ate shaved ice at LEAST once a day.. Oh and did I mention we met my high school bestie and long time friend and her family for the first week of our trip? That made the vacay all the more sweeter.

So without further ado, part 1 of Maui Wowee! :)

one morning early, I got my little model up and talked her into going into Lahaina with me to see the old Banyon Tree.. and more.. :)
Old Lahaina Luau
ahh.. what a nice ending to our Maui western fun.
This might be one of the few sunset shots I got the whole time we were there. We booked lots of amazing dinners (Maui is ALL about eating!) so we weren't often outside when the sun was actually setting..

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more!


byman {houston family photographer}

The gang's all here!
Was a pleasure to meet the entire Byman clan a few weeks ago downtown. They were celebrating a couple of graduations and finally had everyone in the same town for the weekend... as our family gets larger and older, I can certainly appreciate that it's no small feat and was happy to capture them alltogether.




asprec {houston family photography}

gorgeous morning to meet this sweet party of 3 in Houston.. Little man definiltey has charm to spare!