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Brodericks in Brussels {Au Revoir Session}

well, I'm not a fan of saying good bye to friends but am happy to assist them in creating special memories that they'll treasure forever for their time living in Europe. The Broderick family snuck in this session with just a couple of weeks to spare and I was so glad they did. Can you eat these little handsome dudes up with a spoon? And the star of the show.. Bosley, the family pooch?? Well, should I say mom is the real rock start of this crew as she's heavily out numbered :)
Best to the Brodericks as they head back to life in the USA. I hope mom is shopping at Target WHILE holding a margarita in her hand for me right now as I type! lol..

Thank you for looking.. up next.. another {Au Revoir}


ahh.. amalfi! 

So I left you last in Rome. We were sad that our adventures with MaeMae were over, but I had another Italian adventure up my sleeve less than a week after she left: 3 days on the Amalfi Coast with some Texas besties!
We decided to make Positano our home base and the Eden Roc hotel was an excellent place to call home for our time there. Thanks Rick Steves again for steering us in the right direction!
The first full day we went on a walking/tasting tour in Positano and headed to Ravello for the afternoon via ferry and open air bus and taxi.. all great ways of exploring the region!

meet my "DC {dinnerclub} gals".. 2 of them were celebrating big birthdays! but I'm not telling which number ;)

Amalfi and Ravello on a sunny afternoon...
so there are two estates (Villas) that you HAVE to visit if in Ravello.. the views and gardens were amazing! We had blue skies for part of it, then some clouds rolled in and mucked up our view. But you can see, it wasn't too shabby at all :)
Villa Cimbrone and Rofolo..

Did you love it as much as we did?? The ONLY thing that would have made it better was if the rest of the DC gang had been there (aka.. the hubbies!). So romantic.. we just had to love on each other a little extra.. which I was happy to do, since I've missed these chicas so!
thanks for checking and next up: Capri!


Roman Holiday {the grand finale}

I saved the best for last! Here's a few of our favorite experiences in Rome..
For MaeMae: The Vatican tour!
We had an excellent private guide for two 1/2 days (which I would highly recommend breaking a full day up for the kids) and it so enhanced our visit!
the Vatican Museums were up first..
We saved the best for last: St Peters!

For the engineer in the family, an all time favorite is the Pantheon. rebuilt in it's current state by Hadrian in 126 AD?!
this column is growing old gracefully I think :) Almost 2k years old!
One of the favorites for all of us (especially those born in 2003 or earlier) was Gladiator Training!
check out this fierce crew! It really was a lot of fun and a great way to sneak out some Roman history in :) If you have just 2 days or less, maybe you should scratch it.. but 3+ days, it would be a great addition to your experience. We give it 2 thumbs up!

So that concludes our fantastic Spring Break with MaeMae. And lucky me, I've got several more Italy trips to share with you so the blue skies will keep on coming!
Happy adventures to you and yours -