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summ, summ, summertime.. 

It's finally summer in the Wheatley household!
Lots of fun in store, but I wanted to share a quick trip we made this week that sums up what summer is all about: hitting the beach with friends!! :)

de haan, belgium.. on the north sea. Yes, it was windy. Yes, fleece was worn by all at some point. Yes, the moms got caught up on my stash of People magazines. Yes, we all got unwhittingly sunburnt because these Destin-vets are not used to getting sunburned when it's chilly!! BUt we had a blast and are already planning our return.

This was the sky when we arrived:
the clouds rolled in then back out again once or twice. Also the beach was HUGE as it was low tide.. but as we ate dinner at Mano's on the beach (highly recommend with the kids), the tide came in and it was crazy the difference!
We went with our friends, the Vastines. We now have a 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6 grader between us! The kids play great together and makes our life so easy!
I LOVE this pic of my boy ;)

Thanks, miss Allison, for the idea below!
I savor these moments when i can catch them.

as I type, I'm being shooshed out the door by my prompt hubby who's telling me we've got to leave to catch our flight to Italy asap! We look forward to the sun and sand for the next couple of days and exploring a new fantastic part of Italy.. so check back and happy summer!!


Fieldtrip Fridays..

or it could be tuesdays, sometimes a thursday, but NEVER on a Monday. (I reserve Mondays for unpacking, laundry, grocery, emails and printing out boarding passes for the next weekend!:)

Have had some fun field trips/adventures the last couple of weeks that i thought I'd share. Especially for locals that haven't been to these spots yet! Brussels really is an amazing location as far as exploring the rest of Europe and I'm taking advantage of it!

First up: The Horta House/Museum in Ixelles. (a fun area of Brussels just off of Ave Louise)
Victor Horta was to Brussels what Gaudi was to Barcelona: Art Nouveau Master architect that left an indelible mark on city which 100 yrs later, is still fantastic.  Gaudi was a little more outlandish, but Horta certainly was a creative genious and his primary residence/studio can be visited and appreciated today. I arranged a private tour (in English) that was very enjoyable and I'd highly recommend if you go!
No photos allowed, so I snagged these from the web. What a bummer that was too, as it's a photographers dream!
Afterwards, we walked thru the Balli area of Brussels (near Chatlain) and enjoyed some of my favorite shops. First up is Felicity.. a quaint, quirky find with my favorite new accessory: The Noosa bracelet. How cute are these?? I think they would be a huge hit in the US.
Many purchases were made by all :) We ended the day at Sens Bagel Shop (not too many of those around these parts!), and had a delightful lunch outside, despite a morning of dodging the rain. So it is in Brussels!
What a fun outing with great friends. You'll see more of these girls I'm sure in future posts.. no telling where (or which country) we'll end up next!

Speaking of other countries, my next 2 travels took me to Netherlands and France for the day.. why not!
First was a shopping trip to the "Polish Pottery outlet" in the NL (about 2 hours away.. vs Poland which is about 9hrs away at the very closest). You see the pottery everywhere here.. All handpainted, and the serving dishes can be put in the oven. It's fantastic!! Of course I made a few purchases for myself, but most were for presents. My friend Allison and I went and met a group there from Waterloo. It was extra fun with a group of ladies.
Last up was a quick trip to Lille, France with my friend Allison. One of the main reasons I went was because they have a GAP! haha. They had Gaps in London and Dublin, but as I was with the fam, it really wasn't time to shop. SO.. an hour and 20 minutes from Brussels, lies the adorable, historic town of Lille which is WAY more than a Gap, I promise! ;) Cute, cute shops, Grand Place, outdoor cafes.. much more to see and do. I'll be making my way back for sure!

Voila! That's the end of the "mommy field trips" as my kids' summer starts tomorrow at noon! So we'll shift gears for the next 10 weeks and focus on kid-friendly excursions. And what's first on the list? A weekend trip to Venice! So, put your seatbelts on bc it's going to be a wild and fun summer ride!
Thanks for looking and happy adventure making wherever you are!



Blondies in Brussels

What a treat to capture this lovely family on a pleasant morning around the Grand Place! Grandma and Auntie from Scotland even snuck in a few as well.
Thanks, Bonner family, for making me look so good!! Enjoy!