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seattle on my mind {part 2}

I'm the one that will wear the same earrings for 18 months and the one that's had a white sofa for going on 18 years. The exagerated and over-adorned is not for me, although I can appreciate it's place in art: Sagrada Familia (and anything Gaudi for that matter) in Barcelona is FANTASTIC, Italian Renaissance (Sistine Chapel, Florence's Boticelli or the scultures in Rome's Galleria Borghese), Monmarte in Paris, and on and on... je t'aime. Sigh.. So, when I saw the photos of the Chihuly Museum in Seattle my first reaction was "umm..I'll pass". Reminded me of Liberace or the blown glass in Venice that is just too much, TOO MUCH. A friend on facebook saw I was in Seattle and recommended I go and I felt like I had to. I mean, I didn't want to be rude?? :) So we did and wow. Wow! There is a place where gaudy and crazy busy and colorful and wonderful can colaborate and the Chihuly is where it's at! Loved it and was intrigued and inspired. It was a photographer's dream (thanks, Chihuly, for allowing photography!) and lo and behold, yet another angle to photograph that needle I love so much :)

speaking of understatement (or the lack thereof), the EMP Museum, completely blew my mind. If the Sydney Opera House and the Guggenheim in Bilbao married, this insanely creative offspring would be the delicious result. Who gets to dream this stuff up!? and then kuddos to whomever gives them creative liberty to build it!
see how that needle kept sneaking into my photos?? :)
after a nice intro into the fabulous man's mark that has been made on Seattle.. it was now time to head out to see what God had given it! We rented a car and drove out to Mr Ranier National Park. A bit of a trek for a day trip, but we wait in line for good food and we drive insane distances for cool experiences. Maybe it comes from living in Texas? There's nothing really close so you have to drive.. even if what you're looking for is 8 hours west.. and STILL in Texas! :)

So we didn't actually get to SEE Mt Ranier except for about 5 seconds when the clouds passed.. thankful I got a little shot:
It's a funny feeling walking in shadow of a huge mountain that you know exsists but can't see!? Of course we've experienced this in our travels some, but this reminded me of this shot in paris a few years ago:
You know that tower is all the way there, but what a weird feeling to not see it all!

back to the forest..

and a few more from our trip to Ranier..
There you have it... and I hope you enjoyed it and it leaves you wanting more. It certainly did the same for us.. next time, we'll add the San Juan islands, Vancouver and hopefully dip down to Oregon while we're at it.
Thanks for looking and check back soon.. i've a few more European trips I need to share with you before I hit the one year-behind mark. Yikes!?


seattle on my mind {Part 1}

After living out my dream of living and loving every inch I could of Europe, this past October, I decided Seattle was the perfect place to ease me back into travel and exploring again... {stateside}.  We'd never been to the Pacfic Northwest before and it seemed to fit the bill of our favorite kinds of trips: varied. I love when a trip can both involve nature and culture or history and hiking or beach and a cliffside ruin or 2 :) 
Lots of our trips have fit that bill and Seattle was among the best. As I researched, I got more excited and knew it the perfect match. I hope to inspire you to add it to your list of places to visit and we would love to go back and explore more of the state in general. (the story of my life!)
* Also note that there's a lack of offspring photos which means there's a lot more landscape/art photography. Yay for grandparents on the same continent! (thanks again!)

{Part 1}

We arrived in the afternoon and had dinner on the water...

we then hoofed it to Kerry Park for the view I'd been waiting for. It did not dissapoint!
The Space Needle commands your attention, much like the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben.. you're always aware of it and can't seem to take your eyes off it. You get back home, upload your photos and realize, gosh.. I have 342 pics of the that dang tower! We'll see how many I weed it down to here.. haha

The next morning we were up early and off to Pike Place Market. If we were coffee drinkers, we'd be super impressed with seeing the original Starbucks and the line wrapped around the corner. Instead, we stood in line for a warm scone of some sort.. that line was out the door too and a good food line is one we're up for :)
always love the sights, sounds and smells of markets..
speaking of eating, we totally ate our way thru this town. Cheese curds and salted caramel and seafood chowder and seafood anything really.. yum, yummmmm, yum!
We then hopped the ferry and went to Bainbridge island, which happened to be completely showing off it's fall colors for us. Experiencing our first real fall in Europe was one of the highlights of living there, so this was like a little kiss on the cheek (not sure the hubs would say the same, but this is my story and therefore, my similies) :)
When given the chance, we ALWAYS opt for the ferry ride. Not really caring at times where it's going, but you get the totally cool water view coming and going.. the same could be said for helicopters and I'm totally putting in my request now for the kids do something to make a ridiculous amount of money in the future so we can have said helicopter at our disposal for future adventures. Just sayin'.

leaving Seattle...


when we returned to Seattle, the skies had cleared and we had such a fabulous welcome back. If I recall, we rewarded ourselves with more culinary goodness..
hmm.. I think i'll stop here. I'll save the artsy glass and Chubakah trees and peeking Ranier for Part 2 :)
Hope you enjoyed it and make sure and check back!



had fun hanging out with this little man (And his 4 legged buddy) :)