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La Porte Bleue: Le Vestiaire (the dressing room)

Doesn't everything sound so lovely in French? I could have said, "House tour: The Closet" .. but it just doesn't have the same ring, does it?? haha..

Just a couple of pictures today for you of our dressing room/closet on the 5th floor. This is when coming ahead of time was SO handy, so that we could plan where we'd put all of our clothes! I guess I could have edited our wardrobes a little more and really lived like a European with a lot less.. and I did actually!? But since the furthest NORTH we've every lived is Baton Rouge, LA, I opted to hang onto more clothes than not.. figuring I'd need them to layer, layer, layer. And that, we have!

So there you have it! I still have some work to do. There's no mirror.. no fuzzy rug to keep your toes warm..

A few fun things to share about our wardrobe:

1. I puposefully took pics of C's and I cute flats because that's all they're good for, for now.. looking at! I've worn boots or tennis shoes every single day since I arrived. That's a HUGE difference from our flip-flop wearing days in Houston!
2. It's funny bc I have a thing with Danny and v-neck sweaters. I love sweaters on him and have bought them over the years but they've sat in his closet. I mean really.. how often is it cold enough for my warm blooded hubby to wear a sweater? He has a nice little selection and FINALLY is getting to wear them. He has worn a botton down and sweater every day since we moved here to work. And yes, I think he looks mighty fine ;)
3. What's missing from this picture: most of our every day shoes (which does NOT include my Tory Burch collection.. haha), I keep in the laundry room on the 1st floor. Along with my socks.. so that's why I need a warm and fuzzy rug up there.. or maybe I should move my socks up?? Oh.. the decisions. But it is a little weird to have my clothes on 3 separate floors. ( pjs and undergarments are in everyones dressers in their rooms)
4. There's an entire 4'x5' section you can't see that has some large containers with our summer clothes.. I wonder when we would possibly be able to bust those out!??
5. sassy light fixture, courtesy of Ikea. Danny and Miss C had fun putting that one together.. ok.. just one Wheatley had fun with it. The other was pretty annoyed by the cheap ?!**&% that Ikea sells in general. BUT, it looks cute enough and I figure the money I save on cute, but crappy light fixtures that I'll not be able to use ever again, I can put towards this year's travels to:

Alcace France,
Cinque Terre and Florence,
oh and that 11 day cruise to Northern Europe..

See, honey, how much money I've saved you!? ;)

* large wall unit was found at Sam's and shipped over with our things. It actually could go another 5 feet, but that's all our wall would allow!
* double commercial garment rack found at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have then at Target and yes, Ikea, but I needed heavy duty.
* Shoe racks found at Target, I believe?
*chair has been lugged around to many an outdoor photo shoot. It's happy to be confined the 5th floor I think ;)


the way I figure it, we have 2 choices: 

1. Stay indoors and hibernate until the grey, chilly weather has passed.. OR
2. Hit the ground running, since our time here is limited and if we wait around for blue skies, we may never see anything!?

Guess which one I will choose?
#2 all the time ;)

SO, we celebrated being {mostly} settled in the house, by going on a road trip with my favorite Brussels family, who are soon to be my favorite Prague family :( Yay for visiting them in Prague... boo for no more soup lunch dates and weekend adventure trips.

They've lived here for 18 months and have done a lot of the local fun day trips: Ghent, Brugge, Amsterdam, Antwerp.. so we decided to go somewhere they haven't been and headed for Luxembourg! I'd been briefly YEARS ago, and remembered absolutely nada, so it was like my first time too. It's a lovely little country, with a medieval wall and old village by the river that is actually on the Unesco Wolrd Heritage List. It would have been lovely to have gone in the summer when everything is lush and green, and perhaps we'll be able to return on our way to other regions in the future. But we certainly enjoyed our day, especially with friends.. so here's some of my faves from our adventure TODAY. Yes, folks, my sweet friend Jenn already has her pics on Facebook and I've been working furiously since we got home an hour ago to get these up as my little gift to her. A warm smile and conversatation is  food for the soul, and I've so appreciated her Texas warmth in my life. She will sorely be missed!! And thanks so much, Jenn, for allowing ME to be behind the camera with my own family!

So without further ado... Luxembourg!


La Porte Bleue: the princess in the attic

La Porte Bleue: The Blue Door, is what we've decided to call our little Boitsfort abode. And as promised, I have house pictures to share!

First up is Miss C's room. All the way up in the attic! She had the option of the balcony room, but that room:
1. had a wall light fixture (so no chandelier) and
2. is attached to her brother's room.

No bueno.

So she opted for privacy and has a dainty (cute word for small!?), white washed wooden floored room 34 steps above the entrance. How's that for privacy? She loves her little space and it's perfect for her. It happens that the dressing room is also on her level, so really she has a little extra room to spread out and get all dressed up, as you know she's very good at doing!