Entries from January 1, 2011 - January 31, 2011


yes, I take pictures in January ;) 

January certainly slows down, since 95% of you took your pics in the fall.. and I must admit it's a much needed break. However, babies are still being born, and hitting major milestones, so I do actually break out the camera in Janurary. Here's a few families to share..
First up, the Gilleys. I met them when that little one was in mom's belly.. fun to see her and her cute smile and the rest of the fam.

The Barrys are always a blast to see. I started seeing them when big sis was this age and it's been fun to see them grow.
BIrthday pics were on the agenda...
then outside for a few of the whole gang. Turns out it was moms bday too, so they had a lot to celebdate!
Last but not least, isaac and his fan club. Met him first in utero, then as a newborn.. so fun to see him growing and grinning all the while!


Red Beans: Spring 2011

 Red Beans does it again with some adorable fashion for the cutest little people in your life. I was pleased to work again with Mollie and Glynes, the sisters behind Red Beans, and see what fabulous things they had in store for this season. They have a great new website and/or you can request a catalog. Be looking for a certain little blondie that we all know and love to greet you with her precious smile ;)

Happy shopping!


We have a winner! 

Congrats to the Fernandez family with 99 votes! They take first prize!
The adorable Barraza triplets were in a close 2nd with 93:
Thanks so much for all your votes. I hope you enjoyed a little healthy competition and were able to see some fun christmas card ideas for yourself in the meantime!

Next up, will be a contest on how you've adorned your walls with these fabulous pictures! So start arranging your wall spaces and I'll get something going this spring.
Thanks for looking and congrats to the winners!