Entries from January 1, 2010 - January 31, 2010


baby mckenna - 1 week =) 

look who walked into my door today. swweeeeetttt! one week young.. so cuddly and wide eyed. I think she stayed awake longer today than she has since she's been born! But we talked her into sleeping again and we got the best of both worlds. Enjoy! 


double the fun - the bloch family

14 month old twins. So cute! We got rained out back in December, so I finally got to meet them last week. It was great fun seeing them giggle.. enjoy! 


sydney - senior, kingwood high school

we all know I love babies.. but how fun are seniors? Especially when they're as nice, beautiful and grounded as sydney?? 
We met out at her horse barn and I'll let you see what came next...