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Upcoming Houston dates

Happy February! I can't believe I'm saying that!? Time flies when you're having fun...
I've had a nice break this month, and feel refreshed and ready to start thinking about the spring. It will be here before you know it, so here's some dates that I'll be in Houston in the coming months.

*remember, no travel rates apply on these dates. And if you have a date in mind and you'd like me to come to your neck of the woods, let me know and I'll get you on the calendar. Chances are I'll be able to fill it up.
Updated Calendar  (click here if you're more of a visual calendar person!)
Friday, March 7th Houston - all day available
Thursday, March, March 20th (Spring Break week) anywhere but Hermann Park! (last year I made the mistake of scheduling all day at Hermann during Spring Break and the traffic was so bad they closed streets/parking all around the area!) So, downtown, Helen's Park, Heights, etc..
Friday, March 28th - Houston (Hermann or downtown) 12:30 and 5pm taken. Rest of day available.
Sunday, March 30th - Pearland  2 and 3pm available

Blooms Sessions also coming March 13/14th and "Sofa in the Woods" on April 19th.   Will have details soon...

and because I like to have a picture in every post, here's one of yours truly at a photography retreat this weekend north of Dallas.
i was elated to find a real-live laundromat in this small town we were in. Will have more pics to show of the sweet senior I drug in here, but I'm saving that for a little later =)
thanks for looking!


I go away for one weekend...

and look what I come home to find:
daddy pulled his wiggly 2 front teeth!? The other 2 are already peeking through. Unbelieveable!


singing in the rain

well, there is one good thing about all this rain...
we get to break out the rainboots!
cherry boots courtesy of Target. Puppy dogs were from Stein Mart about a year and a half ago. Neither were over $10 =)
happy weekend and I'll check back in on Monday!