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last day in Marrakech {part 4}

The grand finale has arrived. Are you tired of Morocco yet? Not me! I'm anxious to make a coffee table book after relating some of our story here. And to think that I have no more than 2 of these photos hanging in my house at the moment.. what a shame. Not enough wall space, I tell ya!

So after traveling no less than 16 hours in the previous 2 days, we were oh so ready to check into our Riad, and true to form, it was the PERFECT respite from the hustle and bustle of the winding streets around us. More info about Riad Rihani here.

Our last day we explored the Medina a little more but didn't last long as the Riad was calling us back to relax before the trek home..

Love this last picture of my boy. Fresh juice is his "love language". Name the fruit and he's in like flynn. Serve it up! :)

 I hope you enjoyed the full Moroccan tour. I surely enjoyed reliving it. Thanks for bearing with me!

As you read this, I'll be dusting off my passport and heading to a new part of the world for me: Southeast Asia! Hopefully, it will take less than a year to post pics of my upcoming adventure with you :)


morocco {out of the desert}

I sure am stretching these photos out! Maybe it's because I'm living vicariously thru them as I see them again.. or maybe it's because it's been almost a year since I've really looked at these and I'm so excited to share! Either way, here we are on my 3rd day in Morocco as we traveled back from the Zagora Desert back to Marrakech (which will be my last post).

We left our campsite via camel and loaded back up in the SUV with our guide, saying goodbye to the brown or orange hues of the desert.

I was curious about these "Rock fields" we were passing and was told they were cemeteries. Upon further inspection, you could in fact see the rocks making formations of gravesites.

Then the green started popping up again, making it fantastic contrast to the oranges, browns and even reds in the rock and mud.

There were more signs of life and lots of loads being carried on donkeys and heads of women or scooters.. we were all suddenly very thankful for our modes of transportation in the US!

we met up with our guide's friend and bought a watermelon out of his truck, pulled over and had a picnic. Why not!

We stopped in a town and checked out some local artifacts to buy (we didn't buy anything, but I got a few photos as my souveniers) :)
meanwhile, across the street, we were tempted to buy some chicken.. but would we buy it dead or alive? :)

Oh, one last moment of gratitude. I was thankful for my washing machine and dryer :)
Thanks for looking! One more day on the continent and then it's back to Europe for a few more fun trips.


Morocco {into the desert we go}

We left Marrakech early and headed out alomst 8 hours over the Atlas Mountains to the beginning of the Zagora desert. We used this tour company and I'd recommend them. We've rented plenty of cars and done lots of exploring on our own, but Morocco wasn't one of those places :) The scenery was beautiful and my only complaint was that we didn't have enough time. We did this trip in 2 days, so basically 16 hours of driving and 2 hours on a camel.. but it's all the time we had and I'm thankful we got to see as much as we did in such a short time.

Beautiful scenery on the way to the Atlas Mountains..
I love this shot.. can you tell where the river is!?
And can you tell where the river USED to be?

We visited a couple of kasbahs, including this one where part of the Gladiator was filmed.
Our guide dropped us off with our backpacks and we met our camel guide who took us to our campsite for the night. We are all glad to have checked that uncomfortable activity off our bucket lists! Was fun for sure, but we were glad it was just an hour!
camel shadow selfie :)

The weather was perfect, actually. The sun was bright, but we weren't too hot. And then of course, it was nice and cool in the evening.
We unloaded at camp and then headed to a good spot to watch the sunset.

When I say camping, I really mean "Glamping".. it was a the perfect bedouin experience.. complete with cousous and mint tea and a campfire with traditional singing.
We woke up early the next morning and watched the sunrise :)
Can you spot my other half? (think "I have to climb to the highest point) :)
bead-head babies
So that was our desert adventure! Thanks for looking and check back soon - still have a couple of posts to finish out Morocco..