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100 days

you first met this little guy here.
He's 100 days old, so he came back to celebrate.. traditional costume and all.




took these of my pastor and his gorgous wife a few weeks ago. Been meaning to share.
Oh and if you're in the area and looking for a church home, you should come visit. ;)
Journey Church



vegas bound

Leaving on a plane early tomorrow (Friday) for a long weekend with my handsome valentine ;)
It's really for business, but we're sneaking in a little play time too. Although, our idea of playing in Vegas is probably a little different than some of you... it involves a LOT of catching up on sleep, hiking and mountain biking in Red Rock canyon and catching acts like Jay Leno and Linkin Park.  To each his own!

I realized it has been way too long since I posted, so here's a few pics for you to enjoy.
Some of my sweet girl. Will have to show you her cute valentine when I get back!
(I do have a very handsome 9 yr old valentine as well, but I spared him a special photo session for the occasion.. haha)