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more 2010 families to share...

almost through sharing my 2010 fall families. I had 2 shoots yesterday that will be posted first thing in 2011; one family was in from Dubai and the other was a family of 35!? So, it might take me 2 whole weeks just to weed thru those!

ok, first up is a couple of my own dear friends. Enjoy!
The thomas family..

The kapoors are on my peep list too ;) The boys are into Everything THOMAS, so mom's idea of the train track was perfecto!
It was fun to see the Whites again and meet their newest addition.
you might remember this cute sibling pair from a few months ago.. well it was time to put mom and dad in from of the camera too!

If you're not sure that that yellow is behind that handsome boy, it's LEAVES! Gotta love the fall color change in Houston in DECEMBER ;) last up is the cute Hughes couple who just have a few more weeks of being a family of 2! (well, 4 if you include their 4 legged babies).. can't wait to meet the baby!


vacation 2011

it's no secret that I love to travel... fun examples from here, here and here... and I'm mulling over my 2011 calendar and wondering if you'd love to have the chubbyfoot treatment on your next vacation?? I have met someone in Playa del Carmen a couple of years ago, and several in the Destin/Seaside area of the years.. ooh.. even Wimberley just a couple of months ago..
So.. time to get your hubby in a good mood, and let him agree to a fabulous vacation and let's make a date for 2011!! ;)

Here's some ideas.. I will likely already be in:
Vegas (Feb 2011)
New Orleans (April 2011)
TX Hill Country (Summer 2011)
Spring Break 2011 (up for grabs)

Places I'd love to go ;)
Charleston, SC
Key West
Colorado (summer)
Wash DC area
San Diego
Australia/New Zealand ( winter 2011)
any beach in the caribbean

Happy Holidays and vacation planning! ;)


48 hours

I hope you don't mind.. I basically just checked out for 48 hours. After a special 7 yr old's Amer Girl-Breakfast-in-bed Birthday Party Friday afternoon, all systems crashed and I'm just now regaining consciencenous ;)
Pics to follow of the fun event, but for now, I have still have family pics to share with you!
First up is the Moriarity family, one chilly morning. Loved mom's colors.. very "merry and bright"I last saw the Liangs when the little one was in mom's belly.. 21 lbs and 3 months later (!), he's all smiles and ready for his clpse up. We talked big brother into a few too!
It was fun to see the Childress crew in their beautiful new home last week. Mom always has something fun up her sleeve, and this time was no exception.. just being in her home of 8 weeks was a treat enough!