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are you looking for house pics? :) 

Just dawned on me that you might be looking for more house pics and i just happen to have some great ones to share!
I did a series on the house once it was mostly together called "La Porte Bleue".
(the blue door) So if you were hoping to see more of the house, now you can!

Check out these posts that give you the grand tour!
Main living area
the princess in the attic
the dressing room
office, master, bath
the kitchen
the lego room :)

or if you're not the clicking type.. here's a preview!

Thanks for looking! Let me know what you thought of the show and the house! Did you think we chose the right one?



Dressed and ready by 7am. check. (we don't have to leave the house until 8:30am)
Abundant sunshine with cool breeze (totally NOT normal Brussels weather). check.
Super cute new first day duds AND backpacks. check.
Huge smiles and tight squeezes at 3:30pm. check.

The verdict is in and the first day of school was an A+!

(and if you were wondering, I'd give the day a B+ just because my heart aches a little to see my babies growing so!)

But I couldn't leave you hanging after yesterday's post, so I thought I'd give you the follow-up!

The handsome K, 10 years, 5th grade and miss sassy C, 3rd grade, 8 yrs.
here's to a fantastic first FULL year in Belgium!

thanks for looking, and I hope you got to see their sweet smiles and personalities on the show tonight! I know it was more about the houses and the kids weren't really part of that decision process, but I'm hoping they snuck them in as much as possible just because they're such cute scene-stealers!


'twas the night before the 1st day of school... 

... and the Wheatley children are all snug in their bed.
Mom is reminicsing, perhaps shedding a tear, with memories of "1st days past" in her head.

How about a little trip down memory lane? Love looking at these every year.

2005 - "Mother's day out" here we come ;)

2006 - Preschool and MDO. (take note, BRussels friends, at the tans and sleeveless 1st day outfits! haha.. Miss C will happily be sporting courderoy and tights tomorrow for the first time ever!! However, I do miss her coppertone tan!)
2007 - Kindergarten time for our big boy! One of my all time favorite memories is when he literally started running to school once we got to a certain point on the sidewalk. How's that for enthusiasm?! Miss C was all dressed for her 1st day of preschool.
2008 - 1st Grade and last year of preschool (They started on separate days). I actually had to work on the 1st day of school (shooting the first day for an International School in Houston, of all places!) and remember being so torn that I was missing his first morning. So his photos were taken after school. Still a big smile, and of course, he has no memory of me missing it ;)

2009 - Kinder and 2nd. What a fantastic year for so many reasons! New house, sweet new kinder friends for miss C and my favorite 1st day outfit! haha
1st and 3rd! The LSU backpack still survives! Miss C is on #4 by now. haha.
2011 - 2nd and 4th! Yes, I did this ON the first day of school. So glad I have early risers in my house! Our last "1st day" in Kingwood, Texas :(

So, with a full heart, I look forward to waking up early and seeing their bright eyes full of excitement and anticipation. What a blessing it is to see them grow and learn and flourish. I know you know the feeling ;)