2017 with the Petersons

Well hello there, sweet readers. I do hope you and yours had a nice holiday season and 2017 is off to a good start! I have plenty of families to share in the coming month or 2 from the busy fall.. but will be floating the idea of simplifying and possibly moving more to FB or instagram as I'm not sure enough people are keeping up with this little blog.
My goal for 2017 is being more INTENTIONAL. Did you know it's a thing? :) I'd like to say I did and yes, of course, there's plenty of intent in my day but all too often I feel like the tide is sweeping me and I'm controlled more by habit than true intention and purpose. {Enter the blog}.. oh it's been a fun journey and I've loved sharing here, but maybe it's just habit (and not a very consistant one at that) and it's time to adopt a simpler platform for a hopefully easier work flow.

Living with Intention and Simplicity naturally narrows our focus down to the things that matter, doesn't it? So here's to doing more of what we love and value in 2017. For me that's focusing on my family, health, creative pursuits, loving on people and exploring this fantastic world we live in! I hit most of these bullet points with the family I'm going to share today: I met the Peterson's at their new house that they're building (new part of Houston for me), the beautiful scenery was good for my mental health, I got to be creative, and over MANY years of seeing this sweet family, there certainly is a lot of love every time I see them.

Here's what mom said about her session:
Story of your family:
I like to think of our family as controlled chaos with lots of love and laughter mixed in.
What qualities or emoptions do you want friends and families to see in your photos?
Makenzie, you do a perfect job of capturing all of the above!  In the group photos, I see our family as a whole—craziness and all.  When you snap the individual pictures, I see each of my kiddos’ personality traits—the shyness, the confidence, the independence, the “I’m over this” ๐Ÿ˜Š, the  sweetness and always the love.  You have taken our pictures for 12 years now (minus the years you were traveling the world with your sweet family)—praying we get you for lots more!!
Choose your favorite photo and tell why you love it:

My favorite picture from our latest photo shoot is attached—I could look at it a thousand times a day.  Thanks for capturing the smiles that melt my heart!

and a few of my favorites as well..  :)
Thank you Peterson's for the oppotunity to capture your family and best of luck this year on the big build and move!




Brown {ranch family photography}

I get several requests a year to take photos at a client's ranch and it's not always feasible beacuse of distance and time.. but it just so happened to work out this fall for this gorgeous family on an equally beautiful sunny day. The change of scenery was much needed and the hospitality was too :)




Lucky 13 {houston fiesta photography}

Today my baby is 13! 13 years of sunshine and singing and dancing.. what a perfect exclamation point she's been to our family.
So we're gonna celebrate tomorrow with typical Canon gusto and have a fabulous fiesta with her dear friend who's 5 days older than her :) We took these last month because she has a photographer for a mom who wanted to play.. I'm so glad they were game!